N.S. (Vichu) Viswanathan, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

Dr. (Vichu) Viswanathan is Chief Scientist of DFMSim Inc.

Before joining DFMSim, Dr. Viswanathan was a consultant in the fields of MEMS (MOEMS – Reflectivity Inc), Materials for Molecular Memories (Zettacore Inc.) and in the development of low k dielectrics (Silecs Inc.) from 2002.  His involvement with DFMSim is focused on process simulations and fabrications in sub 65-nm devices.  His 40+ years of high technology materials and process experience includes research and development activities at IBM Corporation (1968-1994), Seagate Technologies (1994-2000) and Kulicke and Soffa industries (2000-2001).  His IBM work focused on high-resolution patterning (lithography, dry processing, thin-film depositions and patterning) and the development of high-density magnetic storage media.

At Seagate, as a member of the corporate worldwide media group, he worked on several aspects of DASD storage working with high-volume manufacturing facilities, as well as product development groups.  His K&S activities included new product development and process integration for high-end packaging modules, especially for optical devices.  Dr. Viswanathan has authored key publications in the areas of lithography modeling (1974), electron beam proximity effects (1975), phase shift lithography (1982), multilayer high-resolution lithography (1983). His latest issued patents are in the fields of MEMS and low k dielectrics. 

Dr. Viswanathan is a member of ACS, IEEE, MRS and SPIE.