Raj K. Raheja, Ph.D., Founder and Senior Fellow

Dr. Raj Raheja founded DFMSim in 2005.

Dr. Raheja has enjoyed a distinguished career in the semiconductor industry. He began at IBM and held executive positions that involved building, developing and managing IBM’s chip business. One of his most notable achievements was leading the effort to build the first semiconductor chip factory (“fab”) in North America at IBM East Fishkill in 1967.

He was executive for worldwide semiconductor manufacturing at IBM before he moved to AMP Inc. in 1993 as executive vice president responsible for worldwide packaging operations. After the merger of AMP and Tyco, Dr. Raheja was active in various start-ups at the board of director level before founding DFMSim in late 2005.

Dr. Raheja has an undergraduate degree from the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) and Delhi University (St.Stephen’s), and a MS and Ph.D. from the University of Delaware in Materials Science and Applied Engineering. As a recipient of many industry recognitions and honors, Dr. Raheja devotes his time to guiding and mentoring DFMSim and other start-ups in the areas of data mining, recognition and solar energy.